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Welcome to my campaign web site. I’m running for School Board in District 4. Feel free look around and contact me if you have any questions.  The November 8th Election is fast approaching with early voting has started. 
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Children are priceless and school buildings should be protected like airports and courthouses.  All schools should have a highly trained law enforcement officer to protect them from intruders with a single point of entry.

Vocational careers must be valued, celebrated and encouraged.  Students should be given more opportunities at earlier ages to learn about vocational careers and be provided the tools to explore and be prepared for entering the workforce after high school.

School Administration should encourage parental input in the education of their children. Curriculum, books, topics, classroom exercises should all be transparent to the parent. Parents should be a key partner with school administration and teachers. No child should be given R rated materials without parents giving permission. There should also be full transparency on any policy changes with the opportunity for parents and the public to provide input.

65% of non-academy Bayside incoming 9th graders are starting out high school below reading level. At Bettie F. Williams Elementary school African-American students are have a 12% lower reading ability than white students. Reading scores have been dropping for five years around the state. I consider this an serious problem that can not be tolerated. More resources and reading specialists are needed. Teachers deserve a raise and help. The Virginia Beach school system has a budget surplus as does the state. This can be done and should be a focus. We need to take care of our teachers to help our students prepare for their best future.

About Ken

Ken Lubeck is a Navy Veteran with a Master of Arts Degree from Regent University. He has lived in Hampton Roads for over 20 years.  After receiving an honorable discharge as a hospital corpsman,  he worked and went to school full time.

Ken has two amazing daughters who attend Virginia Beach High Schools. Ken is active in his community and has founded an after school program and assisted a multi-media  at-risk youth organization for many years.

After Ken received his Masters degree he moved into local public housing to lead an after school program with  a neighborhood church. Ken also has over 20 years of experience as an IT Manager & Analyst. He is an expert at solving problems and finding solutions with a team.

Ken’s focus on the school board will be to prioritize spending that puts the needs of student’s first and  prepares all students to be workforce or college ready. 

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